When working on Sitecore and deploying modules to a Sitecore site we only want to deploy artifacts that are ours and not from Sitecore. This way we want to keep the deployment packages clean and fast. To manage the contents and behaviors of deployment packages we can use a wpp.targets file. The project setup […]

Using the wpp.targets file together with Sitecore

Sitecore Analytics Show Pageviews
You probably have on sites with pages that show how often these are visited. This is done to show visitors that the page has attracted more people to read it and encourages them to read the article as well. This blogpost has been written using Sitecore 8.2. In older versions of Sitecore, […]

Use Sitecore analytics to show number of pageviews

Sometimes in SharePoint you get errors that were not very clear when you start. However if you develop for some time in SharePoint you’ll learn the best practices and you will avoid some simple mistakes. One of these errors is: Attempted to use an object that has ceased to exist. (Exception […]

Solving: Attempted to use an object that has ceased to ...

Writing e2e can be very valuable when developing clientside based web app’s. The de facto standard for writing e2e is protractor. This is since the introduction of AngularJS v1.2. The AngularJS team switched from Karma (aka scenario runner) to Protractor, Karma was used as the default e2e runner.

Running E2E tests for AngularJS based applications with Protractor

Recently I’m discovering a whole new world. The client side world. Last years I was developing a lot of webpart for SharePoint, but looking into the future we see a that many sites depend on a heavy frontend. As this client side is getting bigger and bigger, more code is […]

AngularJS available testing frameworks and tooling

To try to get my head around the differences of the factory’s, services and provider in AngularJS. This can be all very similar on first sight. However there are some differences between the three of them. I’ll try to explain how they work and which to choose when.

AngularJS: Factory vs Service vs Provider

Minifying your clientside code is a best practice. Minification performs a variety of different code optimizations to scripts or css, such as removing unnecessary white space and comments and shortening variable names to one character. This last thing can be problem with Angular if you do it right.

AngularJS Minify your code without breaking it

There are many different ways to communicate between different Angular controllers in the same app. I will show what’s the best way in my opinion for now. Communicate with events. The alternative way is by using a inherited scope.

AngularJS: Communication Between Controllers

Sometimes you want a number of a certain length. If it’s not of that length it needs leading zeros. AngularJS provides the number filter. However this lacks the possibility to have leading zeros.

AngularJS Filter number with fixed length

MVC5 came with some really nice stuff. In this blog post I’ll dig into the authentication with external logins as Microsoft calls them. We call them often social logins. The way this is done is quite different than in MVC4. Where MVC4 depended on webmatrix MVC5 makes use of OWIN […]

Social login with OWIN Authentication in MVC5

NuGet, the package manager that is widely used in Visual Studio, has a lot of features that are really nice to use. However some things can be challenging. For example creating a NuGet package. It looks quite simple if you read the documentation on NuGet.org. Creating this in an automated […]

How to: NuGet package versioning

Recent in my project we had a problem with a TFS build when calculating the code metrics of the code. The error we ran into was the CA0055 Could not load file. Searching on the internet gave me some hints but not the solution in my case.

Solving: CA0055 Could Not Load dll in Code Metrics