Once you publish an Web API, it’s set stone. Publishing an API is not a trivial move to do. Users or customers rely on the API not changing after publishing. But however requirements will change always. So there’s a need to evolve the API without breaking existing clients.

Best practices to version Web API

Testing your code can be a time consuming business with SharePoint. You’ll to F5 Build. Deploy, And test. This cycle is extremely slow and you don’t want to do this often. Then there’s unit testing. But SharePoint is a complex system. It needs loads of infrastructure to get anywhere. The […]

Unit test SharePoint list with TypeMock Isolator

SharePoint has the capability to show all checkout page of web. Manage Content and Structure has several built-in filters like: All Draft Documents and Checked Out to Me. This filter options can be extended by defining a CAML query in the list Content and Structure Reports list. However this has […]

Show All Draft Documents with Content Query WebPart

Browser File Handling was introduced into SharePoint 2010 as a security feature and the same applies to SharePoint 2013. When a user requests a file within SharePoint, the web server (IIS) will respond including the “X-Download-Options: noopen” HTTP Response Header if Browser File Handling is set to Strict and the […]

Enable Browser File Handling for Flash with Powershell

In a previous post I explained about Word Automation Services in SharePoint 2010. It worked and the converted files were of a good quality. However there was still some space for improvements. I’ll show what changed in SharePoint 13 in the Word Automation Services.

Synchronous document conversion with Word automation

We have a website with a lot of PDF documents. In content hyperlinks are made to these documents. The design that is given us, says we need to show a PDF icon in front the hyperlink. SharePoint has an option with hyperlinks to show a pictogram in front of a […]

How to add icon to represent PDF documents

Working on a SharePoint 2010 site we had a requirement to make the site HTML5 valid. To test this we use the W3C validator on internet. After a lot of improvements we got stuck with just these kind of errors. Attribute xmlns:ddwrt not allowed here. Attribute with the local name […]

Prevent XSL namespaces to be rendered in result

Everyone collects utilities, and most folks have a list of a few that they feel are indispensable.  Here’s mine.  Each has a distinct purpose, and I probably touch each at least a few times a week. This list is all about Visual Studio 2010 extensions.

Top 10 most usefull Visual Studio 2010 extensions